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What should i expect when hiring a marquee from Bees Knees Marquees?

Hiring a Marquee

  1. How do i book a marquee

    To make a booking a site visit has to be carried out. This is not only to prevent disapointment on the day of erection if the marquee does not fit but to carry out a risk assesment. Risk assesments are very important as incorrect instullation or positioning of the marquee can be dangerous. For this reason we will only agree to a booking after the site has been assesed by us. When we have seen the site we will send a written quotation for the marquee. To confurm a booking a deposit must be paid.

  2. How and when do i pay a deposit?

    Deposits are payable by cash, cheque, paypal or postal order. As soon as you are sure which marquee you require then a deposit should be paid. 20% of the total is required to hold all of the equipment for your chosen date. If a deposit is not paid your chosen equipment may be hired by another customer, all marquees are available at the time of quotation but marquees are booked on a first deposit first served basis. No verbal or email conformation of booking will be taken. Please be aware some dates book up a year in advance and we quite often carry out more than one quotation per event date so a site visit is not a guarantee to a marquee.

  3. Cancellations

    Deposits are non refundable if you cancel. However if you decide to pay more than the 20% when you pay tour deposit and you cancel then anything payed over the 20% will be refunded. Cancellation on Bees Knees Marquees behalf due to force majeure will be return of the hirers deposit in full.

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Comparing Quotations

  1. Where do i start?

    When comparing quotations you have to be sure you are comparing the same items to make the correct decision for your event. Below are some examples.

  2. Types of marquee

    As marquee companies use different styles of marquees and widths it can be hard to be sure you are comparing the same size. Different size marquees can be used for the same number of guests, so its advisable to ask for the square foot and scale drawings for floor space/layout but remember even if marquees are the same size marquees with higher roofs will always feel bigger inside.

  3. Flooring differences

    Dandy dura Matting- Fireproof, snag proof (heels are no problem), rot proof and most importantly washable, this ensures there are no stains or bad smells from the matting.(The only matting used by Bees Knees Marquees)


    Coconut Matting(coir matting)- Made from natural coconut husk, this matting is not as tightly woven as dura, it also comes in natural shades so stains show easily and is not as washable. (This matting is NEVER used by Bees Knees Marquees) 


    Carpet- If laid directly onto grass is very bumpy and doesn't give a good finish and can be a problem with heels piercing through, carpet is best when laid directly onto wood flooring and comes in many colours.(Bees Knees Marquees only supplies carpet on wood flooring)


    Wood flooring- Wood boarded panels on battens allow rain to run between the batten voids, this is good for ground without natural drainage such as concrete as it will keep the carpet dry. Wood flooring can also be laid on grass and will even out small holes. With aluminium ramped edging at doorways allows wheelchair access.


    Wood flooring although levels small holes it follows the contours of the land so will not level a slope or if you have a split level garden will not make the marquee on all one level. In these cases a scaffold base will have to be constructed to erect the marquee on.

  4. Do you do packages?

    We do not do packages as our prices work out lower than other companies package prices if you compare like for like. The question you really have to ask is do i want or need items the packages offer? We often find customers comparing other companies packages to our prices will make more savings by choosing items for their needs or vision for the event. On average for a winter hire for a 6x6 metre marquee the saving from us just from heater and chandelier is £200!


  5. Marquee Decoration

    Drapes- Custom made by Bees Knees Marquees to fit our marquees, drapes add colour to the marquee interior as well as hiding all poles and clips on the interior of the marquee leaving walls and roof visible.


    Linings- Pleated ivory interior which covers all poles, clips, walls and roof on the inside of the marquee. These come with swags (pelmet) along the top of walls in colour of choice, to add extra colour add roof overlays.


    When choosing decoration the choices are between drapes or linings you do not need both.

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Installing a marquee

  1. How long would the marquee be up for?

    Usually your marquee will be installed the day before your event, this is to ensure that if you make any changes there is plenty of time to adjust (weddings two days before). For example if you want a marquee for a Saturday we will install on a Thursday or Friday and remove it on the Monday, during busy months marquees may be put up earlier in the week.

  2. Can the marquee be installed on the day of the event?

    Marquees can be installed on the day of the event depending on the size, area it is to be installed and marquee interior required.

  3. How long does it take to put up a marquee?

    This is all dependent upon size, interior and site access, for example if a marquee is to be installed in a garden with access only by bringing the equipment through the house this will take longer than a marquee of the same size or bigger in a field.

  4. Can a marquee be erected on a hard surface?

    Marquees can be erected on most surfaces including hard standing such as tarmac, paving and concrete with the use of weights (subject to availability).  

  5. Can you attach the marquee to my house?

    Where possible we will attach the marquee directly to your house or use a walkway section.

  6. Insurance

    We have public liability insurance of 1 million, but this does not cover any damage you cause to our equipment. The hirer is responsible for any damage to the marquee & equipment whilst on hire to them. If anything is damaged the hirer will be charged at replacement cost only.

  7. Can i install the marquee myself?

    Due to insurance and health & safety we cannot allow any marquees to be hired without erection by us, our staff are trained to safely put up marquees to manufacturers recommendations. Our marquees are installed to take bad weather conditions whether the forecast is good or bad, as mother nature is un predictable we leave nothing to chance.

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What should i expect when hiring a marquee from Bees Knees Marquees?

  1. Standard of Equipment

    After every hire we clean all the equipment, regularly updating stock that fails to clean up, therefore many customers often comment that all our stock looks brand new. By cleaning everything we have the opportunity  to inspect items such as chairs for damage, this ensures there are no cracks or splits which means we will not give you any damaged or unsafe equipment. 

  2. Marquee Colour and style

    Our marquees are high quality, fully waterproof white marquees (none have stripes), all marquees we show on this website are our marquees and are Oriental (Chinese hat) style. All other items on the website are pictures of the items we will supply, if the item is not exactly the same as the photo we always make sure it is clearly stated.

    All marquees comply to the requirements of BS 7837 flammability testing, however they still may be tarnished by heat or fire so no bbqs in or within 3m of the marquee.

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Equipment Hire

  1. Can i hire equipment without a marquee?

    We do provide equipment hire for customers that do not require a marquee. As we are primarily a marquee hire company we may not always be able to take on equipment hires due to marquee hire commitments. Where possible we can hire tables, chairs, table linen, bar accessories and glasses so give us a call and we will let you know if we can help.

  2. What equipment do you not hire out without a marquee?

    Electrical items as these have particular fixings and can easily incur damage when installed incorrectly or in unsuitable environments.

    Matting as this can easily be installed incorrectly by untrained persons and can be damaged by rusting or rubbing off tent feet.

    Drapes and linings these items are very expensive and custom made for our marquees.

    Dance Floors have to be laid on a suitable surface to prevent the battens and acrylic from becoming loose.

    Indirect Diesel Heaters cannot be hired separately as they are heavily discounted for our marquee hire, compared to the average hire cost of £150 +fuel for one of the heaters from other hire companies.

    Electric Heater see Electrical items above

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