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Free Lighting & Heating*

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Heated Marquee Hire


Free Standard Lighting

Chandeliers are included free with our oriental marquees and are gold 3arm, 4arm, 6arm and 10arm chandeliers. if you choose not to have a chandelier in your marquee this will not alter the marquee price. 

Chandeliers are also included free with our 9 metre wide Clear span marquees, these chandeliers are 5 arm clear chandeliers (9m chandeliers cannot fit in oriental marquees) If you choose not to have a chandelier in your marquee this will not alter the marquee price.

Unfortunately we cannot hire them separately as they are custom made to our marquees and could incur water damage if installed elsewhere.


Free Electric Heating

 2.4kw electric heaters  Recommended for summer marquee hire in the event of a chilly evening. 

These do not produce enough heat for winter hires, see suitable winter heater below. If a diesel heater is not reserved for hire and snow is forecast marquees without indirect diesel heaters(below) will not be erected, this is to prevent any damage to equipment. One heater supplied per marquee as power draw on your house is too high for more electric heaters.             


Winter Heating

Indirect diesel heater placed outside the marquee ducts clean fume free air in. Thermostatically controlled to maintain the room temperature of your choice. Prices from £65 Must be hired with all marquees from october to april. 

Heaters available from 68,112 btu/h to 232,000 btu/h.


Why we believe our indirect diesel heaters are the best

  • Thermostat can heat the marquee up to 35oC

  • Fume free clean warm air, no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, sore throat or itchy eyes. 

  • Heater sits outside, so not taking up floor space inside the marquee

  • Safe for children as there are no flames or hot heater inside the marquee

  • Thermostatically controlled from inside the marquee, so you will not be outside the marquee firing up a heater in your party frock.

  • You can sleep inside the marquee unlike with gas heaters

  • larger tanks supplied for bigger marquees or multiple day events, this will prevent you having to refill your heater

  • No risk of a highly flammable gas leak as the heater is diesel

Bees Knees Marquees offer free standard lighting* and standard electric heating* with every marquee hire, as even on summer nights it can be chilly. For months from October to April Marquees must be hired with diesel powered heating. We have this policy to ensure you and your guests have a great time as poor heating will spoil an event. We also offer the diesel heater free to hire which can nomally cost over £150+fuel from other hire companies, the only cost is to cover a full tank of fuel which will run for a minimum of 16hours. We also don't charge you to use our extension leads!*this offer does not include any of the party lighting or fuel for the diesel powered heaters.

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